The PerformaBuilt 4L80E Transmissions


Introducing the PerformaBuilt 4L80E Transmissions. These are our strongest Transmission offering to date. We start with only late model cores for our performance line and application based core for our heavy duty line "(Heavy Hauler)" Each of these units feature all the latest upgrades and high quality materials for assembly. Below isthe breakdown of the builds. Note the differences between the HD and Performance versions. The Heavy Duty line is available in both 2 and 4wd.

The Performance and Heavy duty 4L80E.

1-The unit is disassembled and each part carefully inspected and clearances are measured to meet our specific specifications not just the maximum clearance allowed by GM all.

2-The case is carefully inspected, cleaned and re-inspected.Then coated with a special heat and oil resistant paint making for a very clean finish and look."

3-Bushings are replaced and sized as needed to performance specifications.

4-The intermediate clutch sprag consist of and exstreme duty 34 element sprag and roller assembly with specially prepared race and spiral ring to prevent high RPM snap ring release and resulting intermediate clutch failure.

5- The Forward and Direct clutch frictions are replaced with heavy duty performance frictions. The drums are then modified to accept additional frictions and the apply area it self is altered to allow use of the entire piston area for apply in the forward drum. "Dished" cushion plates in these units are replaced with the TH400 style plates for additonal reliability. These modifications will also result in a much firmer apply into Gear from neutral/park to reverse/drive. But durability is significantly increased.

6-For the Intermediate, Direct and overdrive clutches we use the Raybestos stage 1 performance frictions. These frictions exceed anything on the market for Performance Street/Strip and Heavy Duty applications and are more than suitable for anything you can throw at them.

7-The intermediate overun band is replaced with a heavy duty unit. This is mostly valuable in heavy duty truck applications, since this band is used to hold back when the transmission is manually put into 2nd gear while descending steep grades, etc. It will hold up significantly better to engine braking."

8-The Low sprag is replaced with a heavy duty type and the LOW/REVERSE band replaced with either a Performance band or a heavy duty band for our heavy hauler applications.

9-The Pump is carefully inspected and reconditioned for maximum durabilty and presure. Special modifications are made to increase cooling and planetary lubricaton.

10-"Our own Performabuilt shift kit is installed in the valve body. This kit is custom set to the type of unit purchased. The Heavy Duty setup is for maximum hold with minimal "shift shock", while Performance units are set for a more aggressive race feel, while maintaining a progressive shift that increases in firmness as you add more throttle."

Each unit comes with a PerformaBuilt warranty according to the terms listed on our warranty page.

"As with our other units, no core return is required. However, if you wish to return your core to us, we will purchase it and arrange return shipping

If you are replacing a 4L60E or 4L65E with this unit, we are interested in purchasing those cores as well.

Unlike our other units, 4L80E transmissions must be shipped by truck freight. While shipping is still included in the transmission price, you must have access to a loading dock and/or a forklift to receive this unit.

Converters are available for this unit on our pages linked below.

Full size converters OEM style clik here-converter


9.5 Inch custom converters click here-conv

This unit also features many other modifications for performance & durability.
Helping it achieve its 1000 plus horsepower capabilities. This transmission will
take whatever you can dish out and we guarantee it! You won’t find a better unit anywhere. And, with our customer service and the staying power that come with a larger company you can count on us to be there when you need us.



  The unit, as with all of our units, is warranted from the day
you received it. Please visit our Warranty Page. for more details and conditions

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